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A List of the Sons of Starkad, son of Bork Bluetooth-Beard

  • Thorgeir
  • Bork
  • Thorkel

A List of Nineteenth-Century Hybrid Cotton Plants Whose Names Sound Like Weed Strains

  • Brown’s Seed
  • Sugar Loaf
  • Money Bush
  • Mastodon
  • Multibolus
  • Mammoth
  • Rob Smith’s 25-Cents
  • Banana
  • Pomegranate

A List Of People Prosecutors Are Not Allowed To Compare Criminal Defendants To

  • Judas Iscariot
  • Pontius Pilate
  • Charles Manson
  • Sirhan Sirhan

A List Of Karl Marx’s Daughters And How They Died

  • Jenny Caroline Longuet, cancer
  • Jenny Laura Lafargue, suicide
  • Jenny Julia Eleanor Marx, suicide

A List Of American Executions Since 1700 By Method

  • Hanging (9,183)
  • Electrocution (4,439)
  • Lethal Injection (1,248)
  • Gas (593)
  • Firing Squad (130)
  • Burning (65)
  • “Other” (102)

A List Of Excuses For Not Studying This Week

  • I don’t want to
  • I’ll do it tomorrow
  • I have a migraine
  • I’m sleepy
  • I already finished like half of it
  • It’s not for another three days
  • It’s the day after tomorrow
  • I have until tomorrow
  • Don’t even worry about it

A List Of What I Had For Breakfast Today

-a red bull
-two cigarettes
-half a pound of baby carrots

A Complete List Of Defeasible Estates

  • Fee simple determinable
  • Fee simple subject to condition subsequent
  • Fee simple subject to executory limitation

A List Of The Star Trek:TNG Books I Have Read In The Past Month And A Half

  • Peter David, Vendetta
  • Gene DeWeese, The Peacekeepers
  • Carmen Carter, The Children  of Hamelin
  • Peter “I Don’t Understand Women” David, Imzadi
  • Peter “I Also Don’t Understand The Concept of Consistent Characterization” David, Strike Zone
  • Howard “Not That H. Weinstein” Weinstein, Power Hungry
  • John Vornholt, Masks
  • David & Daniel Dvorkin, The Captain’s Honor
  • Michael Jan Friedman, A Call to Darkness
  • Peter “Yes, This Dude, Again, And  It’s Not Any Better This Time Around” David, A Rock and a Hard Place
  • Keith Sharee, Gulliver’s Fugitives
  • A.C. Crispin, The Eyes of the Beholders
  • Howard “Probably The Best Of The Regular Writers, But That’s Not Saying Much” Weinstein, Exiles

A List Of Pets I Have Had, In Chronological Order

venus flytrap